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Governors are a very special group of people who help direct and support the school’s educational and pastoral activities. The Governing Body has many strategic functions, as Ashford CE Primary is a voluntary aided school they also have a responsibility to maintain and develop the premises.

Historically Ashford school’s governors are parents, ex parents and long-standing pillars of our Christian community. We also have Foundation governors, appointed through the PCC of our parish churches. Together with the school’s senior leadership team, the governors are focusing their involvement on enhancing teaching and learning throughout the school. Our governing body has adopted a code of conduct to uphold the seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Minutes of Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings are available on request from the Clerk of Governors via the school office.


We currently have the following committees that meet as and when required:

Admissions Committee

This committee has delegated responsibility from the Full Governing Body (FGB) to carry out the required admissions processes for the school. Chair Sukhi Vella.

Achievement Committee

New committee, details to follow. Chair Rhys Williams.

Pay Committee

This committee focuses on the achievement of the school’s aims and in respect of all pay matters. Specifically ensuring staff are appropriately rewarded for their performance in line with the pay policy. Chair Phil Wells.

Headteachers Performance Management

This committee has delegated responsibility from the Full Governing Body (FGB) to carry out the performance management process for the Headteacher on an annual basis. Chair Phil Wells. *For 2018/19 the Executive Headteachers Performance Management will be carried out in partnership with governors from Laleham CofE Primary School.

In 2016 the Governing Body decided to adopt a new model for meetings instead of delegating some tasks to committees they now meet 11 times a year. This streamlined approach enables the Governing Body to concentrate on the aim of raising standards on the drive to “Outstanding”.

Meeting Dates 2018-19

Autumn Term

Full Governing Body (FGB)

20 September

Full Governing Body (FGB)

15 October

Full Governing Body (FGB)

22 November

Full Governing Body (FGB)

17 December

Spring Term

Full Governing Body (FGB)

17 January

Full Governing Body (FGB)

28 February

Full Governing Body (FGB)

25 March

Summer Term

Full Governing Body (FGB)

25 April

Full Governing Body (FGB)

20 May

Full Governing Body (FGB)

20 June

Full Governing Body (FGB)

15 July

The Governing Body of Ashford CE Primary School has agreed that Full Governing Body meetings will be “open.” Open meetings are meetings of the Full Governing Body to which members of the public, including school staff and parents can request, in writing, to attend, as observers. This protocol outlines the conduct expected by the governing body of those requesting attendance.

Open Meeting Protocol

Governors Code of Conduct

Governors' Allowances Policy

New Foyer

New Staffroom