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Learning from Home

Watch out in the coming weeks for LEARNING FROM HOME weekly activity sheets. Each year group will have a fresh set of ideas for activities, tasks and research that children can be completing if they are not able to come to school. Also, look out for other special learning from home projects and challenges focused on different curriculum areas that we will add in the coming weeks.

Scroll down or use the buttons below to view and download Whole School and Individual Class LEARNING FROM HOME sheets.

Whole School

Individual Classes


Reception: Koalas Koalas and Kangaroos Kangaroos


Year 1: Tigers Tigers and Pandas Pandas


Year 2: Giraffes Giraffes and Zebras Zebras


Year 3: Lemurs Lemurs and Meerkats Meerkats


Year 4: Rhinos Rhinos and Elephants Elephants


Year 5: Buffaloes Buffaloes and Llamas Llamas


Year 6: Panthers Panthers and Leopards Leopards

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