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Photography Competition 2015

Thank you for all the entries to our 2015 Photography competition. It was really tough to choose winners, and there were so many that showed creativity and thought. Well done to everyone who took part. Here are the winners and runners up for each category, they will also be displayed around the school.

A. Landscape

Photo Comp A Winner
Winner: Beau D (Panthers)

Photo Comp A Runner Up
Runner up: Casper H (Meerkats)

B. Portrait

Photo Comp B Winner
Winner: Thomas P (Tigers)

Photo Comp B Runner Up
Runner up: Isla B (Buffaloes)

C. Life in Britain

Photo Comp C Winner
Winner: Daisy A (Zebras)

Photo Comp C Runner Up
Runner up: Lauren G (Buffaloes)

D. Faith

Photo Comp D Winner
Winner: Liana F (Buffaloes)

Photo Comp D Runner Up
Runner up: Tyler D (Zebras)

E. Respect

Photo Comp E Winner
Winner: Emma M (Panthers)

Photo Comp E Runner Up
Runner up: Zaim A (Buffaloes)

Special Recognition

The following pictures, although not winners in their categories, we thought were deserving of special recognition:

Photo Comp Mentions 3
Jessica-Lily R (Rhinos)

Photo Comp Mentions 2
Gabriella P (Kangaroos)

Photo Comp Mentions 1
Aleena A (Meerkats)

ACE Badge2015 Photography Competition

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