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Poetry Challenge

Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, we will be posting a video here and on our YouTube channel, ‘Ashford CE Primary Learning Videos’, with a new poetry challenge. There will be a different form of poetry every time; some will be more complex than others. All these challenges will give you the opportunity to flex your literary muscles and write something creative.

This is not the sort of challenge where we want you to quickly write something and then send it in. You should take your time and do a series of drafts, making improvements and uplevelling vocabulary until you’re really satisfied with the end product. Try out some of those tier 3 words you’ve been learning.

Your end product can be sent in to and every new video, we’ll read out the best ones. We’ll also publish some of the best, most creative entries here on the website.

Remember, these aren’t tasks that you can be done in five minutes. You should play with ideas, make notes, try things out, rip them up and then sellotape them back together, go to sleep thinking about that line that doesn’t sound quite good enough until you finally get what you want.

I look forward to a deluge of emails with poems and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Many thanks
Mr Austin

Lesson 3: Ae Freislighe (Thursday 2 April 2020)
Our Ae Freislighe

Coming soon...

Lesson 2: Nonets (Monday 30 March 2020)
Our Nonets

Hot and sweaty feel free like the air
Running around with my teammates
Goal scoring celebration
Drag backs tough tackling
Playing with my bro
Daddy cheering
Happy grin

Finlay F (Tigers)

My mum says I am always hungry
Frosties for breakfast are the best
I have lunch at 12.00 clock
My dinner is at 5
Yet I am starving
Snacks are tasty

Jack M (Rhinos)

Our house is wrecked because of Coco
But at least it shelters us
Memories are made in here
But it's comfortable
Our house is loved much
Pretty garden
Love this place
We do

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Our house is pretty and beautiful
A family home filled with love
This house is fun and cheerful
Memories being made
Happy ones and sad
I feel safe

Gabi P (Rhinos)

Lesson 1: Cinquains (Thursday 26 March 2020)
Our Cinquains

Playing quidditch
Learning hundreds of spells
Battling beasts, demons and monsters

Jack M (Rhinos)

My home
Arts and craft time
Lots of amazing books
Lots of amazing yummy food
Soft bed

Joshua C (Meerkats)

Cute and fluffy
Loves to play and make mess
He is a pain and an angel

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Strong and windy
Look like big ice cream cones
Sucks up people and furniture

Gabi P (Rhinos)