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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a daily experience. We use iShare themes that explore a theme for half a term. Children are encouraged to learn a Bible verse and to consider ways in which the Biblical principles we are learning about can be applied to our daily lives. At the end of each half-termly theme the whole school has a session in class to review what we have explored.

Each Collective Worship includes an Anglican greeting, a song and prayer. There is usually a story, a Bible verse or an explanation of part of our current theme.

Our Collective Worship policy can be found on our School Policies page.

iShare Learning Themes for 2018-19

More information about our iShare Learning Themes can be found on Our Vision and Values page.

Our Collective Worship Programme

Monday – Class/Year group Worship in class or year groups within the classroom.
Tuesday – Whole School Worship usually led by clergy, Father Stuart comes to take Collective Worship.
Wednesday – Hymns of Worship Mr Bruce comes into school and teaches us songs to use in worship.
Thursday – Whole School Family Worship led by SLT or Father Joseph, the whole school comes together for Collective Worship.
Friday – Celebration Worship KS1 and KS2 gather together at different times for Key Stage Celebrations when we recognise achievements and successes that we have seen during the week.
Class-led Worship is also held throughout the year, each class takes a turn to lead worship for the rest of their key stage with parents invited to join.
Gold Award Worship is held at the end of each half term, this is a whole school worship where we celebrate the children receiving Gold Awards, and we’re joined by their parents and governors.