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Building and Maintenance Fund

We are a church school and do not receive any direct government funding for premises. As such we ask our parents to contribute £55 per year for each child at school. This money is used by the Governors to pay contributions to building projects and equipment initiatives for the school. For every £1 of voluntary contribution we can apply for additional funding for large projects which turns your £1 into £10.

These contributions are voluntary. This Fund has helped the school to upgrade all the classrooms. In recent years we have built a new Year 2 classroom, redesigned and relocated our entrance hall and school office and, upgraded the electrical wiring. Last year we had a major project to remove the stage in the Hall and make an exciting new learning space. This new room is now in use every day. None of this would be possible without the support of our families

You can make payments in a number of ways: monthly or annually, in cash, by cheque, or through our online payment system, Tucasi. Careful monitoring means we have been able to save money and can now pass these savings on to parents. The suggested voluntary contributions are:

  • First Child: £55 per year in advance OR £5 per month (12 months = £60)
  • Second Child: £55 per year in advance OR £5 per month (12 months = £60)
  • Third Child: £20 per year in advance OR £2 per month (12 months = £24)

We greatly appreciate all voluntary contributions, however small, as they help us to enhance and development your childrens learning environment.

Entrance 2012
The main entrance in early 2012

New Office
The main entrance and school office now

New Foyer

New Staffroom