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ACE Virtual Art Club

ACE Virtual Art Club

Welcome to our ACE Virtual Art Club.

It's back! We are excited to be running our unique virtual art club. The whole school can take part and we will be uploading a different Art and Design task for you to have a go at each week!

The tasks will change each week and our aim is to improve your skills, knowledge and technique in different art and design focuses - whilst having fun! All of the tasks will be things that you can do at home, with the resources you have at home - no need for anything too fancy. Plus, I will also be setting extra challenges, with a chance for one of you to be Artist Challenger of the Week. Not to mention I will be asking questions for you to think and reflect on each time too, so read through the information carefully.

If you feel like joining in, and want to share your artistic creations, we will be opening our very own ACE Online Art Gallery where your work will displayed for all to see. Ask an adult to photograph your work and email it in to

We hope you join and we can’t wait to see the photographs of the work you submit! Happy creating!

Miss Beacham

ACE Virtual Art Club 2021

Week 6: Illustrators


Week 5: Tie-Dye


Week 4: Chinese New Year


Week 3: Collage


Week 2: Wax Resist


Week 1: Repeating Patterns


ACE Virtual Art Gallery 2021

ACE Virtual Art Gallery 2020

ACE Virtual Art Club 2020

Week 17: Aboriginal Art


Week 16: Pop Art


Week 15: Origami


Week 14: Patterns and Landscape


Week 13: Photography


Week 12: Colour


Week 11: Watercolour


Week 10: Under the Sea


Week 9: Henri Matisse


Week 8: Perspective


Week 7: Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Week 6: Pointillism


Week 5: Piet Mondrian


Week 4: Spring


Week 3: Easter


Week 2: Playing with Patterns


Week 1: Colour Wheels