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Poetry Challenge

Dear Parents and children,

Thank you so much for tuning into the Poetry Challenge videos over the past couple of months. It has been really lovely to hear about the efforts you have been making and to see the fruits of these efforts in your poems. There are ten videos here now covering a wide range of different poetic forms. If you are interested in writing more poetry, you can look up other forms online or dip into any of the videos that I have done in order to get inspiration. I haven't covered sonnets or odes or a great variety of other structures, but it is so easy to get caught up in form and rules when you're writing poetry and forget the purpose. The purpose of poetry is to explore and express. Explore your feelings about the world and express your thinking. Never let syllables or rhymes get in the way of that. Poetry gives you the freedom to say what you want however you want and that's why it's so important. So, keep expressing yourselves and keep sending me poems to the email address. I will publish them on the website and read them out on the YouTube channel.

Story Time videos will carry on, and I am thinking of a new challenge which you will hear about soon.

All the best,
Mr Austin

Lesson 10: Tanka (Wednesday 20 May 2020)
Our Tankas

Coming soon...

Lesson 9: Rispetto (Tuesday 12 May 2020)
Our Rispettos

Our Garden
In summer our garden is a happy place
In the garden clothes hang from the washing line
For Coco the garden is the perfect space
We love when on our faces is the sunshine
Me, Gabi and Coco love the trampoline
For us to use it we have to keep it clean
Our garden is great, it's so special to me
Our garden is cool, it's a nice place to be!

Ellissa P (Llama Class)

Bog The Frog
We have a friend in the garden his name is Bog.
He is slimy and grimy and eats green slugs.
He lives in a tub just perfect for a frog.
He is cute not cuddly and he hates hugs.
We love our friend Bog who is a perfect frog
Even though he is warty and very smug.
He likes to drink tea whilst sitting on my knee.
Whilst i look down at him thinking lucky me.

Sophia G (Year 6)

Lesson 8: Triolet (Monday 4 May 2020)
Our Triolets

My puppy Coco is mischievous and cute.
Our family isn't complete without him!
But beware he can do a vile toot,
My puppy Coco is mischievous and cute.
Strawberries, bananas, he'll eat his fruit,
His fur grows so quickly it always needs a trim
My puppy Coco is mischievous and cute,
Our family isn't complete without him!

Ellissa P (Llama Class)

He makes me feel safe and unsad
I can't sleep without snuggling him in bed
He's always been around, which make me feel glad
He makes me feel safe and unsad
Without him around life would seem really bad
Snugglebear, you're the world's best ted
He makes me feel safe and unsad
I can't sleep without snuggling him in bed

Gabi P (Rhino Class)

Lesson 7: Naani (Friday 1 May 2020)
Our Naanis

Best Friends
Nice to chat and play
I respect them a lot
I love them so much
Can't wait to have them back

Emilia B (Year 2)

Cuddly to squeeze
He's soft to stroke
Nice to sleep with to keep my dreams
It's like he's real

Emilia B (Year 2)

Safe Haven
Trees standing talland firm,
Swaying gently in the breeze,
Baby birds safe at home,
Chirping "Mummy please feed me!"

Sophia G (Year 6)

Lesson 6: Villanelle (Monday 27 April 2020)
Our Villanelles

Lots of fun performing and dancing
Pranks and challenges are bang on trend
Tons and tons of songs to be singing

Some of the filters are completely blinging
Most of the dances include a back bend
Lots of fun performing and dancing

The catchy music stays in your head, ringing
You can share your videos with a friend
Tons and tons of songs to be singing

It is a place for creating and performing
So many videos, I cannot comprehend
Lots of fun performing and dancing

Watching peoples’ videos is so entertaining
I’m allowed to watch these on the weekend
Tons and tons of songs to be singing

So much to see and do, lots of exploring
Tik Tok is cool and should never end
Lots of fun performing and dancing
Tons and tons of songs to be singing

Ellissa P (Llama Class)

Sloths are cute, furry and slow
They spend their time in trees, just lazing
They’re well known for having two or three toes

They are so laid back that they go with the flow
They climb up to the sunshine when its blazing
Sloths are cute, furry and slow

They have patches around their eyes and a cute little nose
Most of their time is spend on branches, sleeping
They’re well known for having two or three toes

Where are they from? If you’re a fan, you’d know
They sound like an old pig wheezing
Sloths are cute, furry and slow

They’re herbivores, so eat plants after they’ve grown
Like penguins, when its cold, they like huddling
They’re well known for having two or three toes

They’re my favourite animal, just so you know
Because, just like me, they like sleeping
Sloths are cute, furry and slow
They’re well known for having two or three toes

Gabi P (Rhino Class)

Lesson 5: Limericks (Thursday 23 April 2020)
Our Limericks

Coming soon...

Lesson 4: Acrostics (Monday 20 April 2020)
Our Acrostics

Stay home; protect the NHS, save lives
Oh my goodness, is this a joke?
Coco gets played with a lot.
I miss Kara
All meals have to be planned!
Learning new tricks, Coco is.

Doing tons of work at home!
I miss my family!
Sometimes I want to cry!
Today and every day we must stay home
A boring day; yep, every day.
No school = no friends
Cool thing is late nights, result!
Isolation gets on everyone's nerves
No shops are open, plans cancelled
Going to the park, that's a no no!

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Stay safe to protect lives
Opening our eye to new hobbies
Clapping on Thursdays for the NHS
Interesting stuff to do at home
Attention to others
Lives are being protected by the NHS

Distance = 2 metres
Isolation is happening
Save lives staying at home
There are people in need
All plans cancelled
Noticing things we haven't seen before
Coco for company
Is everybody doing it?
No fun when we're learning
Global pandemic

Gabi P (Rhinos)

Lesson 3: Ae Freislighe (Thursday 2 April 2020)
Our Ae Freislighe

Bad Bully
He says I'm punchable,
According to the bully,
But I am more wonderful,
What he says is just wooly!

In fact it's an illusion,
I'm smart and cool and fancy,
More than you can imagine,
In fact I'm fancy schmancy!

Because I am wonderful,
The bully can go quickly,
He's the one who's punchable,
Do one, Bully, I'm ready!

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Always to my amazement
The very mighty Chelsea
I'm sure we're in agreement
Chelsea make a blue city

There are many compliments
When watching I'm in heaven
They always win tournaments
Jess Carter, mighty seven

No match is a punishment
I'm sure you'll agree
They have the right equipment
I will always pay the fee

Grace W (Meerkats)

The Speed of Light
A time machine explosion
At speed that could be deadly
An Alien invasion
Let us run and hide quickly

Moving very rapidly,
Feeling happy and hopeful
Space glowing up magically
I am happy and thoughtful

Jack M (Rhinos)

Lesson 2: Nonets (Monday 30 March 2020)
Our Nonets

Hot and sweaty feel free like the air
Running around with my teammates
Goal scoring celebration
Drag backs tough tackling
Playing with my bro
Daddy cheering
Happy grin

Finlay F (Tigers)

My mum says I am always hungry
Frosties for breakfast are the best
I have lunch at 12.00 clock
My dinner is at 5
Yet I am starving
Snacks are tasty

Jack M (Rhinos)

Our house is wrecked because of Coco
But at least it shelters us
Memories are made in here
But it's comfortable
Our house is loved much
Pretty garden
Love this place
We do

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Our house is pretty and beautiful
A family home filled with love
This house is fun and cheerful
Memories being made
Happy ones and sad
I feel safe

Gabi P (Rhinos)

Lesson 1: Cinquains (Thursday 26 March 2020)
Our Cinquains

Playing quidditch
Learning hundreds of spells
Battling beasts, demons and monsters

Jack M (Rhinos)

My home
Arts and craft time
Lots of amazing books
Lots of amazing yummy food
Soft bed

Joshua C (Meerkats)

Cute and fluffy
Loves to play and make mess
He is a pain and an angel

Ellissa P (Llamas)

Strong and windy
Look like big ice cream cones
Sucks up people and furniture

Gabi P (Rhinos)