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Rewards & Awards

We regularly reward childrens work in a variety of ways. Currently we are recognising our childrens achievements with:

WOW Work

The WOW Work Award is a half-termly celebration of some of the most creative and inspiring pieces of work from across the whole school. Class teachers nominate one child a half- term who has produced a piece of work that has made them go WOW! WOW Work can be selected from any subject area and can even include Home Learning.

Handwriting Award

The Handwriting Award is also awarded half termly, with class teachers nominating a child in their class who has worked particularly hard on improving the quality of their presentation and handwriting.

Both the WOW Work Award and Handwriting Award Work are announced in a special award ceremony, which takes place at the end of each half-term. Children receive a custom-made certificate, house points reward and have their work displayed on a special display, where their work can be admired by all children and visitors to the school.

The children are really motivated by this incentive and it provides school with another way to positively reinforce our high standards and celebrate our children’s efforts.

The Senior Leadership Team look forward to receiving the nominations for great work and we cannot wait to see what will be on display next. Who will it be next half term?


Wow work

Pen Licences

In Years 4 to 6, children can earn the right to use a handwriting pen for their written work. They do this by showing consistent, joined handwriting across all their books, from Literacy and Maths to Guided Reading and Home Learning. Presentation is important in every piece of work the children produce.

Gold Awards

Each half term, teachers select one child from their classes to receive a Gold Award. This is for behaviour above and beyond what is expected in school displayed across a whole half term. Winners of this award receive a card which is displayed in their classroom, a certificate and a special sticker. These are presented by a governor during a special Celebration Worship which their parents are invited to attend. They also have their photograph displayed in the main school lobby.

Attendance Prize Draw

Each week in our Celebration Worship, the names of every child who has been in school for the whole week is entered into a prize draw. One child from the infants and one from the juniors are chosen at random and they get the chance to dip into our "attendance basket" to select a small prize.

Class Attendance Trophy

Also in Celebration Worship, the two classes with the best combined attendance for that week are given a trophy. They are then honoured by being able to sit on the benches in the following week's Celebration Worship.

Gold Awards