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Our School Song


Mr Foxall gave money, Mr Mann gave some land,
For the children of Ashford a school could be planned.
But the children who came to our school long ago
Were often barefooted and ragged we know
. What would they think now if they came here today,
And could watch us at work and could join in our play?
Televisions, computers, they'd laugh with delight,
For all they were taught was to read and to write.

In the logbook we find Mr Lockington's name.
Years ago to our school as Headmaster he came.
Mr Howard, a Manager, these four are they
Who gave names to the Houses we're proud of today.

Like a wonderful painting, our school's history.
How exciting! The picture includes you and me.
So Lord, now we pray, may our school please be blessed,
And may all of us in it each day do our best.

Dorothy Genower

The song is sung to the tune of the hymn 'When A Knight Won His Spurs'