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We value the help and support that parents provide to school and aim to work in partnership with parents to achieve the best for all our pupils.

We produce a School Year Book which is a useful guide for parents, the latest version is available below.

If you wish to speak to a teacher they are usually available in their classroom on Tuesdays to Fridays at 8.30am before the children enter school and in the playground after school at 3.10pm once the children have left. Teachers are not available whilst the children are in class. Occasionally teachers may be able to ring you at work and if you wish to arrange this or to make an appointment to meet with them, please arrange this through any member of the school office team.

If you have any concerns regarding your child this must initially be discussed with their class teacher. Following this should you wish to make an appointment with either the Deputy Headteachers or the Headteacher this should be made with Miss Val Eglesfield the Office Manager.

You may also phone or email the school office they will pass on relevant information to the correct staff member.

The school office will return your call or request as promptly as they are able but please note that not all staff work every day and senior staff are not always available immediately.

To find out more about contributing to the school’s building and maintenance fund click here.

Donations and offers of support

We are always happy to accept donations of glue sticks, tissues, good quality books and spare clean underwear. We are also happy to consider other items which you may feel will benefit the school. If you have a trade that may be of use, we really appreciate your support. Parents have helped us save vast sums of money by installing new electrics, re-roofing a shed, fitting a new toilet and providing office furniture. We really appreciate all the help you can offer.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information on the school website, please ask the school office staff who will be happy to assist you.