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At Ashford C of E, we use a cross-curricular approach to learning, making purposeful links between our foundation and core subjects to inspire and engage children in contextual learning experiences. Our ethos and values are centred around high aspirations, believing in ourselves, and respecting other. With this, the Arts play a fundamental role in celebrating different learning styles and allowing every child to have the opportunity to engage, progress and achieve their individual potential within each curriculum topic. The arts are uniquely placed to inspire learning at ACE and are an essential component in the planning of learning opportunities for all. The use of music, dance, drama and visual expression supports the children’s learning within a topic based and creative curriculum. Children learn specific and progressive skills, enabling them to know more and be able to do more and as a result. Pupils are able to access information and concepts by experiencing aspects of art and culture from a particular era, country or civilisation, placing the work they produce in context. Planning that incorporates real-life scenarios and purpose, enables a deeper engagement and understanding leading to high quality outcomes The Arts and creativity run through much of what we do during the school day, but also feature highly in our extra-curricular offer too, from weekly singing worships to our school choir; dance and drama workshops and clubs; productions and class assemblies. We strive hard to offer learning experiences that our children will not benefit from out of school and will never forget.

Where we can we celebrate specialist enrichment days, as well as seek opportunities to perform and showcase our work to our community.

The Arts at ACE


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