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More Able Pupils

Every child wants to be good at something and every child can be” Professor Joan Freeman

At Ashford Church of England Primary School, our vision is to provide a secure and challenging environment that stimulates the development of all pupils’ talents and abilities, ensuring that no ‘ceiling’ is put on achievement. We recognise that amongst our pupil population, we have pupils who are more able, very able and exceptionally able and that these pupils must be identified, challenged and supported in order to ensure that we are meeting their individual needs.

In defining ‘high ability’, we recognise in our pupils’ ability (gifts/talents) in:

  • Academic strengths in core areas such as reading, writing and maths;
  • Creative and specific skills (dance, art, music, sport, etc);
  • Multiple intelligences;
  • Trans-intellective strengths (eg empathy, resourcefulness, leadership)

In line with our Ashford vision, we aim for all children to ‘become the best that they can be’ and so we create opportunities for pupils to identify their talents and abilities and for these to flourish and grow.

Our Inclusion Leader, Mrs A Witt, leads on provision for more able pupils in the school.