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At Ashford CE Primary School, we teach phonics using the government accredited programme, 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised.' This is a fast paced, progressive phonics programme that takes children through five phases.

Phonics is taught in daily twenty-minute sessions through a variety of whole class and small group activities. During the day there are a range of practical activities planned to reinforce the key elements of the phonics teaching and children needing additional support will have planned individual or small group sessions. In the Summer term of year 1 children will complete the phonics screening check. Any children who do not reach the required level will continue to work on phonics-based interventions in Year 2 and into Key Stage 2 as necessary.




Parents are invited to attend a reading and phonics meeting when their child starts full time school in Reception. During this meeting our phonics teaching programme is introduced and they are directed towards the resources available on the Little Wandle website to enable them to support their child at home with phonics.

Below is a list of the teaching programme for each phonics phase:

Reception – phase 2, 3 and 4

Phase 2 graphemes New tricky words
s a t p
i n m d
g o c k is
ck e u r I
h b f l the
ff ll ss j put pull full as
v w x y and has his her
z zz qu ch go no to into
sh th ng nk she push he of
Words with s at the end we be me
Phase 3 graphemes New tricky words
ai ee igh oa
oo ar or was you they
ur ow oi ear my by all
air er
Words with double letters
are sure pure
Words ending in ing, s and es
Phase 4 graphemes New tricky words
cvcc words such as ‘mash’ ‘hunt’ said so have like
ccvc words such as ‘trap’ ‘chip’ some come love do
ccvcc words such as ‘brush’ were here little says
there when what one
out today

Year 1 – Revise phase 3 and 4. Teach phase 5

Phase 5 graphemes New tricky words
ay, ou, oy, ea

ir ie ue u

a-e i-e o-e u-e e-e

ew aw

wh oe ou g ph ey

are au tch ture al ear ere

wr st sc ce se ze
their, people, oh, your, Mr, Mrs, Ms, ask, could, would, should, our, house, mouse, water, want, once, laugh, because, eye, busy, beautiful, pretty, hour, move, improve, parents, shoe, any, many, again, who, whole, where, two, school, call, different, thought, through, friend, work, once, laugh, because, eye
Useful websites for phonics resources and games: